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The Department of English Language and Literature at King Saud University takes great pride in being the forerunner of English language teaching in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the collegiate level. The department is also privileged to be a part of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, the historical nucleus of higher education in the country. The main task of the department has always been to cater to the country’s needs for English language specialists to work in areas such as education, translation, editing, among others. The department has also been a prolific incubator of academic and applied research. Numerous works of research produced here have been quite influential in their fields.

The courses and programs offered by the department focus on the general skills of the English language as well as theoretical and applied linguistics, English literature, and literary criticism. In this regard, the department offers B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees.

The department boasts rich human and material resources that enable it to fulfill its teaching and research tasks. It has a cadre of distinguished faculty members from various nationalities who hold degrees from prestigious universities. Many of these members have made significant scholarly contributions to their fields giving them, along with the department as a whole, highly favorable reputation in the academic community. Furthermore, the department has a solid infrastructure of smart classrooms and computer labs that serve the purposes of teaching and language skills training. There is also a rich library of renowned writings in the fields of linguistics and literature.

The Department of English Language and Literature is always looking forward to the development and betterment of all its activities and programs to achieve leadership at all levels. To this end, the department periodically re-evaluates its curricula and research priorities as well as its organizational restructure to keep pace with global scholarly advancement. The department’s farsighted hopes and ambitions draw inspiration from King Saud University’s vision to achieve a leading position amongst the finest academic institutions in the world.


Last updated on : January 12, 2023 1:04am