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Common Mistakes

Avoid these common mistakes by authors; failure to do so may cause the manuscript to be sent back and forth to the author or to be totally rejected

  1. Adhere to the Journal Rules of Publication and Instructions, and make preliminary changes, if necessary, requested by the Journal Administration; failure to do so may lead to the rejection of the paper. The author is granted only two opportunities for making changes.
  2. Be aware not to fail to follow the required style manual - which is the Chicago Formatting Style - whether in the body of the manuscript, or in the reference page. However, the Journal is pleased to support authors with the instructions of the Chicago style. For instructions on how to write a paper based on Chicago style, please click here.
  3. Be aware to adhere to the allowed word limit, which is 10,000 words for the full manuscript, including the two abstracts.
  4. Do not be inconsistent in writing the dates within the text, alternating between the Hijri and Gregorian calendars for source citation. Be consistent in writing dates across all the sources.
  5. Do not write the letter "M" or any other abbreviations for the Gregorian calendar in citations.
  6. Do not put a space between punctuation marks and the words preceding them. The space is always put between the punctuation marks and the words following them, except for the punctuation marks that encircle what is between them, such as parentheses (), the quotation marks “”, and the two dashes - -, which are separated by a space from what comes before and after them. For example: (the Art Journal), “the Art journal”, - the Art journal -.
  7. Do not use punctuation marks from the English language in an Arabic text or vice versa.
  • For example, do not use the English comma in an Arabic text, as in " ياسر, وبدر, وعبدالرحمن...,". Similarly, do not use the Arabic comma in an English text, such as "Yasser ، Bader ، and Abdulrahman,".
Last updated on : March 24, 2024 11:08am