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Publication Requirements

1- Filling out the pledge affirming that the research paper has not been formerly published nor will it be submitted for publication elsewhere until the Journal 's review process is completed.

2- Manuscripts should not exceed a maximum of 10,000 words, including the abstracts (both in Arabic and English), keywords, references, and appendices.

3- The official citation formatting system used by the Journal is the Chicago Formatting Style with a few journal-specific modifications; it should be used for both in-text citations and the reference list. Any manuscript that does not adhere to the Chicago style will be returned to the author(s).

4- The author should only use footnotes, and he should restart numbering in each page.

5- Each manuscript must be accompanied by two versions of the abstract; one in Arabic and one in English. Each should be no less than 100 words and no more than 20 words.

6- Each abstract must be preceded by no more than six keywords representing the major research topics. The keywords should be placed after the title and before the abstract.

7- The author(s) must provide the following information in both Arabic and English: name, occupation, position, specialization, affiliation (e.g., department/center, college, and university), address, email, and phone number.

8- The author’s name or any indication of identity must not be mentioned implicitly or explicitly anywhere in the body of the research; instead, the author may use neutral terms such as “the researcher”.

9- The abbreviated titles of periodicals must be used in the form provided by the World List of Scientific Periodicals. Technical abbreviations (e.g., cm, km, mm, kg) should also be used.

10- The transliteration of Arabic words and phrases must follow the system used in the Library of Congress on here.

11- The author should use the translated title as it is stated in the Arabic sources that have a translation of its title; however, the author should transliterate the title for those Arabic sources that do not include a translation of the title.  

12- Researchers must include reference lists that contain the following:

  • One list of references in Arabic only.
  • One list of foreign references - including Arabic references - after being transliterated and translated into English.

13- In the reference list, the Arabic references are placed first, followed by the foreign references, including the Arabic transliterated or translated references, in alphabetical order.

14- The list of Arabic references must be separated from the list of English references and must appear first if the language of the manuscript is Arabic, and vice versa.

Last updated on : March 24, 2024 10:38am