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Publication Process

The manuscript's submission means that the manuscript has not been previously published, nor submitted / will not be submitted for publication elsewhere until the review process is completed. Any attempt to submit the paper elsewhere during its consideration may lead to an action taken by the Journal that it deems appropriate.

  1. The Journal conducts a preliminary review of the paper to decide whether or not it is appropriate to move on to the peer-review step.
  2. After obtaining approval from the Editorial Board, all submitted papers undergo a scientific review process in a confidential, double-blind manner, where the reviewers are unaware of the author’s identity, and vice versa.
  3. The manuscript will be sent to two reviewers who specialize in the paper’s subject. If their opinions differ regarding the acceptance of the paper, the paper will be sent to a third reviewer, whose opinion will be decisive.
  4. The papers will be returned to its authors only one time to make changes based on the reviewers’ suggestions and notes. The author must return the revised paper to the Journal within two weeks. The revised paper will then be sent again to the reviewers to assess if their revisions have been attended to and will either accept or reject the paper based on their assessment.
  5. After the paper is accepted, the manuscript cannot be published without official approval from the Journal 's editorial board and a letter from the Editor-in-Chief.
  6. The author is informed, upon the completion of the peer-review process, with the decision of the peer-review process, whether the paper is accepted or rejected.
Last updated on : March 24, 2024 10:43am