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General Instructions

*Important questions to consider during the evaluation process:

  • is the manuscript original and authentic?
  • Does the author commit any kind of plagiarism?
  • Will the other scholars and the Journal readers show interest in reading the manuscript?
  • Was the method used / approach appropriate and viable?
  • Are there any major issues with the methods?
  • Are there any better methods and approaches that could be suitable for answering the question or improving the quality of the manuscript?
  • Were the sections of the manuscript appropriate to approach and discuss the thesis presented?
  • Does the evidence support the thesis?
  • Is the thesis clearly and convincingly argued?
  • Are the results presented in the manuscript’s objective?
  • Are the results presented in the manuscript of an added value to the field?
  • Were the conclusions analyzed, discussed, and interpreted correctly?
  • Is the manuscript written well using correct Arabic/English and without any grammatical mistakes?
  • Is the language written in the manuscript sound and fluent?
  • Does the manuscript fit well together in all aspects?
  • what is the extent of using citations from other sources? Did the author overuse quotes?
  • Did the author use the sources correctly and appropriately in terms of citation? And did he use primary sources in addition to the secondary sources?
Last updated on : March 28, 2024 8:47am