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Student Clubs

The English Club for Male Students


The English Club for Male Students aims at helping students from different majors, especially those from the Department of English Language and Literature to develop and improve their language skills, increase their knowledge and talents. The club consists of different groups, such as - Book and Book Collection Group - Language Improving Group. - Magazine Group. - Theater and Cinematic Skills Group. - Debate Group.

Also, the club provides many activities and workshops in all fields and topics related to strategies of learning English and language self-development either by providing sessions on campus or off campus through social networking sites. Those who attend the workshops are entitled to receive certificates of attendance.


The English Club for Female Students

  • Vision: 

The club aspires to provide an ideal environment for the English language learners to equip them with the tools they need.

  • Mission: 

The mission of the club is to provide the students with all the skills and tools needed for the job market. Moreover, the club aspires to create a nonconventional learning environment.

  • Goals:

  1. Developing the students’ language and communication skills.

  2. Enhancing the students’ intellectual abilities.

  3. Cultivating the students’ talents.

  4. Nurturing the students’ leadership skills.

  5. Connecting the students with the faculty members in a non- conventional way.

  6. Cultivating students' critical and creative thinking skills

  • Main Activities:

Weekly workshops tackling topics related to literature, linguistics and self-development.

  • Groups:

  1. The Book Group

  2. The Drama Group

  3. The Muse, the club's magazine

  4. The Speaking Center

  5. Creative Writing


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