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Bachelor's Program

About the Program    

The Department of Mass Communication at King Saud University aspires to be a pioneer in graduating those qualified for media work, research, and communication and media studies, to meet the needs of the public and private sectors locally and regionally. In addition to providing students with the knowledge and communication skills to practice communication and media work based on Arab and Islamic culture and human heritage. The Department of Mass Communication awards doctoral, master’s and bachelor’s degrees to male and female students, from the following bachelor’s program specializations:

  •     Press and electronic publishing.
  •     Visual and audio media.
  •     Public relations (strategic communication).    

Objectives of the Program

  •     Empowering, training and qualifying students with the knowledge that qualifies them to work in the fields of communication and media professionally as a continuous and evolving profession. 
  •     Introducing students and helping them to obtain job opportunities in various sectors of communication and media.
  •     Meet the local and regional labor market's need for qualified people.
  •     Conducting peer-reviewed scientific research and studies.
  •     Conducting scientific advisory studies that contribute to developing media work locally and regionally.
  •     Educating society about the role, functions and impact of the media.    

Admission Requirements

In addition to the admission requirements stated in the King Saud University system, the department requires the following:

  1.      He must have a high school diploma with a very good grade or higher or its equivalent from inside or outside the Kingdom.
  2.      The student must not have obtained a high school diploma or its equivalent for more than five years. The University Council may make an exception to this condition if there are convincing reasons.
  3.      Be of good conduct.
  4.      To pass any test or personal interview deemed appropriate by the Department Council.
  5.      He must obtain approval from his reference to study if he works in any governmental or private entity.
  6.      Must meet any other conditions determined by the department council and announced at the time of application.

Degree Requirements

The student must complete (128) credit hours in order to earn a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication. These hours are distributed between the first joint year (16) hours, compulsory university requirements (8) hours, college compulsory requirements (6) hours, the department’s core (compulsory) and elective courses “General media and Specialization” (74) hours, and the minor (18) hours. Audit courses (6) hours. 


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