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Saudi Association for Media and Communication (SAMC)

Objectives of the Association

  •     Developing scientific thought in the field of media and communication and working to develop these sciences and specializations.
  •     Conducting specialized studies and research in various fields of media in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  •     Scientific and professional communication between academics, media professionals, and those responsible for media affairs in the Kingdom. Developing professional performance and exchanging local, Arab, and international media experiences.
  •     Providing consultations in the field of media and communication for the public and private sectors.

Programs and Activities of the Association 

  •     Organizing the annual media forum.
  •     Holding lectures in the fields of media and communication.
  •     Holding seminars and workshops.
  •     Conducting scientific and applied studies and research.
  •     Providing scientific and professional consultations.
  •     Organizing the Media Excellence Award.
  •     Encouraging writing, translation and publishing.
  •     Holding training courses.
  •     Publish a peer-reviewed scientific journal.
  •     An issue published by a media periodical.
  •     Organizing field visits for the association’s employees.
  •     Holding exhibitions and conferences.        

Annual Forums of the Association

  •     The first is entitled: Saudi media, reality features, and future trends (2003 AD).
  •     The second is entitled: The Image of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the World (2004 AD).
  •     The third is entitled: Media Education and Training in the Arab World (2005).
  •     The fourth is entitled: Media and Crises: Foundations and Strategies (2006 AD).
  •     The fifth is entitled: Investment in the media and communication industry (2009).
  •     The sixth is entitled: New Media: Theoretical and Applied Challenges (2012 AD).
  •     The seventh, entitled: Media and the Economy: Integrating Roles in the Service of Development (2016 AD).
  •     The eighth is entitled: Media and Development in Light of Vision 2030 (2019 AD). 
  •     The ninth, entitled: Specialized Media in Light of Developments in the Field and the Diversity of Its Methods (2023 AD).      

Website of the Association: Click HERE to visit the Saudi Association for Media and Communication website.


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