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Media Club


The idea of ​​establishing the Media Students Club began in the year 1429 AH, with the idea and establishment of Abdul Aziz Abdullah Al-Hamid, and Muhammad Ahmed Al-Hamid participated in the founding. It was presented to Dr. Fahd Al-Khuraiji, Head of the Mass Communication Department, and the idea was supported and approved, and on 1/1/1430 AH the site was created and put in place. Administrative structuring.


Qualifying media students to develop their skills in working in traditional and modern media outlets and to develop their capabilities in media fields.


  1.      Training and qualifying students to practice communication and media professionally as a continuing profession throughout their careers.
  2.      Meeting the needs of the local and regional labor market and qualified personnel in the field of communication and media.
  3.      Introducing the student and helping him to obtain career opportunities in various sectors of communication and media.
  4.      Training and qualifying students with media and communication knowledge and skills through holding courses and workshops and developing scientific thought in the field of media and communication.
  5.      Developing students’ talents and exploiting them for their benefit.
  6.      Building relationships between the student, the department, and media institutions and helping them obtain job opportunities in various sectors of communication and media.
  7.      Building confidence and enhancing the role of the department’s students and preparing them to be influential, effective and beneficial members of their religion and country and leaders in their fields of specialization.


  1.      Holding and organizing theoretical and practical seminars and lectures on topics related to the club’s objectives.
  2.      Enriching media students’ knowledge in the fields of media work through visits to various media institutions.
  3.      Organizing specialized courses in media fields (journalism, audio-visual media, public relations) and holding educational workshops for them and training them under the supervision of the club.
  4.      Working to find training opportunities for media students in coordination with major media institutions.
  5.      Coordinating and supervising the participation of media students in organizing exhibitions, festivals and conferences that develop their practical side.

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