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Community Service

Community Partnership Program:

Through this program, the Mass Communication Department seeks to reach the Mass Communication Department’s leadership in community partnership and community service as a strategic goal. Six sub-goals fall under the strategic goal:

  •      Activating the community partnership between the department, non-profit institutions, and the government and private sectors.
  •      Adopting specific initiatives and programs that represent an actual need among community members.
  •      Promoting the culture of volunteer work among department and university employees.
  •      Adopting issues of sustainable development and community service in educational programs and research projects.
  •      Developing continuing education programs in light of community needs.
  •      Employing media outputs in the field of community service. 

Main themes of the community partnership program:  

  •      Scientific activities: conferences, seminars, lectures, meetings, and forums.
  •      Training and development: Participation in training students to practice training activities, workshops, and training courses.
  •      Media contributions: press writings, press interviews, radio interviews, and television interviews.
  •      Consultations: academic consultations in community service, providing voluntary consultations, assisting in preparing draft laws and legislation, giving testimonies in scientific, professional and legal sessions, contributing to presenting ideas for community service, presenting applied initiatives that have a direct impact on society.
  •      Visits and trips: visits aimed at community service, trips aimed at community service, participation in community events, participation in activities targeting disadvantaged groups of society.
  •      Research contributions: publishing and interpreting research results to solve specific societal problems. Preparing research with the aim of solving societal problems.

Fruitful cooperation projects between the department and various sectors of society:

Preparing foundational studies for Al-Watan newspaper: 

A team of professors from the Mass Communication Departmentprepared the founding studies for Al-Watan newspaper. They are Dr. Ali bin Shuwail Al-Qarni as Executive Director, and Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Anad, Dr. Hamza Bait Al-Mal, Dr. Abdullah Al-Tuwairqi, where the team prepared all the studies included in the project, including a study of the editorial personality, the technical personality, an administrative study including the administrative and editorial structures of the newspaper, and a study of the technical and printing needs. These studies were realized on the ground during the publication of the Saudi newspaper Al-Watan in 2000, which constituted a qualitative shift in the development of the Saudi press.

Preparing specialized school literature on public relations for students in the secondary commercial school curriculum affiliated with the technical and vocational training corporation: 

A specialized committee of public relations professors in the department developed, drafted, and produced four specialized books on public relations, in which consideration was given to presenting the scientific material in a simplified manner and clear language, supporting it with practical cases and examples, and making it suitable for secondary school students.

Specialized media studies for government and private agencies:

The department has conducted many specialized media studies aimed at developing the media messages carried out by the Saudi media. A specialized scientific team of faculty members in the department conducted a survey on the general public in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, aiming to know its trends, motivations, and satisfactions. The department also implemented a number of Specialized public relations studies requested by private government agencies such as the Ministry of Education and the Saudi Electricity Company.


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