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A Message from the Chair

   د. فيصل بن محمد العقيل                           

It’s my pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Mass Communication at King Saud University. It has been an honor to work in the department as a faculty member, and more recently, as a department chair. 

Since its inception in 1972, as the first Department of Mass Communication in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf region, it has persevered in embodying the university's mission of research, teaching, and community service. 

In pursuit of this mission, the department is committed to attract, employ and retain qualified faculty members who are known for their research activities and their competencies in providing students with the knowledge and skills that qualify them for the required jobs in their field; hence, contributing to the development of the media sector and raising the professional level of its employees, in line with the Kingdom's vision 2030. 

The department is also always keen to provide a friendly, cooperative and comfortable work environment for faculty members, benefiting from the welcoming and supportive staff who help faculty members and students achieve success. 

Academically, the department offers three degrees: a bachelor's degree in journalism and electronic publishing, audio-visual media, and public relations, a master's degree in mass communication, and a doctorate in communication and digital media studies. In addition to the majors, the department offers several interdisciplinary minors in the undergraduate program. 

There are many job opportunities in the field of mass communication. Graduates from our department obtained jobs in their fields or related fields, such as television and radio stations, newspapers and magazines, marketing and advertising companies, public relations agencies, and other media institutions. Many of their significant accomplishments have had a positive impact on society. We in the department are proud of all of our alumni and the success they achieve after studying with us. The department strives to strengthen the relationship with alumni and community institutions, by involving them in its various activities and events, and maintain regular communications with them. 

Finally, we invite you, through this website, to be part of our department, to share our success stories, and to keep in touch with us by phone, e-mail, and the department's social networks.

Faisal Alaqil, Ph.D 
Department Chair


Last updated on : February 17, 2024 7:51pm