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New Media Chair

The (New Media) Chair was established as a research chair specializing in the fields of new media (electronic journalism, social media, digital media) on Jumada al-Awal 16, 1443 AH, according to the approval of His Excellency the University President No. 66402/67/4, and it is the only media research chair at the university to contribute to achieving The university’s goals, vision, and communication with various segments of society, achieving partnerships with government institutions to push scientific media research towards new horizons, keeping pace with the very rapid developments in its field at the global level, and providing specialized and in-depth scientific studies in the fields of new media.

Achieving specialized research and professional leadership in various fields of new media in the Saudi media space in accordance with the latest global trends and developments.
Preparing specialized media research and studies in various fields of new media that contribute to improving specialized media practice in Saudi society, and contributing to preparing media students intellectually and professionally to meet the needs of the journalistic market locally and Arably.

- Supporting research orientation in the fields of new media to support local and Arab scientific research centers. 
- Providing an annual renewed information base about new media. 
- Creating a stable reference and bibliographic list of previous studies that dealt with new media at the local, Arab and international levels. 
- Providing the media library with research and studies related to new local, Arab and international media. 
- Preparing annual scientific research on the media in general and on new media specifically. 
- Activating the scientific research environment in Mass Communication Departments at the Saudi University, and encouraging media faculty members in Saudi universities towards media research work. 
- Benefiting from international and Arab academic expertise, institutions, and professional leaders in achieving the chair’s research and training objectives. 
- Contributing to the training of students in Mass Communication Departments in Saudi universities in general and King Saud University in particular. 
- Contributing to developing the skills and capabilities of communicators in the fields of new media through the chair’s training program.


Since its establishment, the Chair has been able to complete, referee, and publish several scientific papers in the field of media studies and research in peer-reviewed scientific media journals. The completed research was as follows: 

1) Research entitled: (Towards a communicative theory of functional balance, new hypotheses in the new media environment).  Prepared by Prof. Dr. Hassan Muhammad Mansour, Professor of Media, Department of Media, King Saud University. The research was peer-reviewed and published in the Egyptian Journal of Media Research, Volume 2021, 77 (Part Three - Volume Two), issued in October 2021, Page (751-779). 
2) Research entitled: (The impact of the use of Internet advertisements on the purchasing behavior of King Saud University employees: a survey study) prepared by the researchers: Dr. Ali Dabkal Al-Anazi, Associate Professor, Department of Media, King Saud University, and Prof. Issam Adnan Al-Bakri, researcher at the university’s Mass Communication Department. This research was peer-reviewed and published in the Arab Journal of Media and Communication, Issue No. 29, issued in March 2022 AD/Shaban 1443 AH. 
3) Research entitled: (Using virtual and augmented reality techniques in Arab news bulletins: An analytical study on the channels (Egyptian Al-Ghad, Saudi Arabia, and Emirati Sky News) prepared by: A. Saud Abdullah Al-Huwairini, lecturer in the Department of Media at King Saud University, and it was arbitrated. Research and inclusion for publication in an upcoming issue of the Arab Journal of Media and Communication. 
4) Research entitled: (Exposure to social media platforms and their relationship to the values of digital citizenship among Saudis: a survey study) Prepared by: Dr. Jareh Fares Al-Otaibi, Assistant Professor in the University’s Department of Media. The research was peer-reviewed and included for publication in an upcoming issue of the Arab Journal of Media and Communication. 

The chair also organized several specialized scientific seminars and workshops as follows:





1The use of artificial intelligence in media: concept and practiceد. هبة الجبرين 
أ. يعقوب فؤاد 
أ. ديمة المقرن

9 Rabi’ al-Awwal 1444 AH


2Digital gaming industry and investment transformationsد. عصام العمار 
أ. مشعل الوعيل

29 Rabi’ al-Awwal 1444 AH


3Student diplomacy: creating international communication and understanding أ. عياد الطوير 
أ. سعيد حسين 
7 Rabi’ Thani 1444 AH
4Workshop (International students are Saudi soft power) (1)د. إبراهيم النحاس 
أ. حسين الشمري 
أ. عياد الطوير 
د. علي العنزي 
د. مطلق المطيري 

15 Rabi’ al-Thani 1444 AH


5Workshop (International students are Saudi soft power) (2)د. إبراهيم النحاس 
أ. حسين الشمري 
د. عبد العزيز رازن 
أ. عياد الطوير 
د. علي العنزي 
د. مطلق المطيري
21 Rabi’ al-Thani 1444 AH



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