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Media Studies Unit

The Media Studies Unit (MADA) emerged from the recommendations of the Forum (Horizons of Scientific Research in the College of Arts) held on Jumada al-Akhirah 9, 1433 AH. Mada was established and equipped with the latest servers, receivers, screens, and televisions for electronic recording of any local, regional, or international television or radio channel, in any language, and with the latest technologies available at the time. Mada was approved and approved within the department’s units at the tenth session of the Mass Communication Department Council held in the first semester of the year 1434/1435 AH on the date: Safar 6, 1435 AH. Mada provided all logistical research support services to all employees of the Mass Communication Department, whether faculty members or graduate students. Mada contributed to the completion of many scientific research and specialized studies in the field of media and communication, and assisted graduate students in the department with their plans and scientific theses. In the last three years, Mada has organized more than 21 specialized scientific and research symposiums, seminars, and workshops in the field of media and communication, from which employees of the department and college and those interested in its field have benefited. All of Mada’s activities and events have been broadcast and documented over the Internet. The following is the latest of these lectures:

1) Media and politics...controversial concepts.
2) Choosing the appropriate statistical test in mass communication research.
 3) “The Arab Spring” in the Tunisian and Egyptian cases: an analytical study of Arab cinema from 2011-2021.  
4) Criteria for selecting news on social media networks in the Kingdom in light of the theory of news values.



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