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Other Activities

The department's activities include the following: 


Given the importance of lectures in developing and raising the student’s level of thinking, and motivating him to participate and interact with a non-academic methodology, the Mass Communication Department, throughout the semester, presents a group of public lectures - available to all - informational and educational, presented by an elite group of professors, specialists, and those interested in media, cultural, and social issues from within. The university and beyond.

Movies showing:

Given that films contribute to developing the student’s awareness, enriching his horizons, and expanding his experiences, the Mass Communication Department, throughout the semester, displays a group of multiple films: informational, educational, educational, and documentary.


To get acquainted closely with the stages of media production, to consolidate the Mass Communication Department’s relationship with the large media sectors that have modern technical equipment, to build bridges of communication and cooperation with them, and to work to create job opportunities for the department’s graduates in these important sectors. Throughout the semester, the Mass Communication Department organizes several field visits to various distinguished media sectors, whether governmental, local, Arab, or international, for a period that varies from one day to a week. Among these institutions are: The Saudi Press Agency, press institutions, the Saudi Research and Publishing Group, Television Complex, MBC Studios, Orbit, Media Production City in Dubai and Cairo, Reuters News Agency in London and Hollywood. 

Training courses and workshops:

Given the importance of courses and workshops in developing knowledge, enriching experiences, and developing skills, the Mass Communication Department, throughout the semester, organizes a group of training courses and workshops in various fields presented by a distinguished elite from inside and outside the department. The duration of the course or workshop ranges from two to two days. four days.

Organizing exhibitions:

Given the importance of exhibitions in creating and enhancing organizational skills and developing expertise, the Mass Communication Department, throughout the semester, organizes a group of exhibitions that highlight the department’s achievements in various media aspects, and specifically illustrate the students’ achievements according to their specializations. In addition to participating in exhibitions held internally and externally.

Receiving media delegations:

With a desire to introduce the department, the university, and the Kingdom in general. Throughout the semester, the Mass Communication Department receives and prepares a visit program for the department’s guests, who are media, cultural, and political figures from outside the Kingdom who come on official missions.


In order to satisfy the recreational side, and to enhance acquaintance and cooperation between faculty members, and in a friendly atmosphere full of love, the Mass Communication Department, throughout the academic year, organizes a group of trips within the city of Riyadh in one of the parks or rest houses.


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