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Achievements and Awards

First: Faculty Scholarly Production   


Book Title




Place of Publication

د. حنان سليم 

Credibility of news in the age of digital mediaAuthor2019Dar Al-Kitab Al-HadithCairo

د. حنان سليم 

Public relations in the age of digital mediaAuthor2019Dar Al-Kitab Al-HadithCairo

د. حنان سليم 

Media campaigns in the digital spaceAuthor2019Dar Al-Fikr Al-ArabiCairo

د. حنان سليم   

Public relations and crisis managementAuthor2019Maktabat al-RushdRiyadh

د. عادل المكينزي  

Women's issues in the Saudi pressAuthor2019Maktabat AlmotanabiRiyadh

د. عادل المكينزي

Mass communication theoriesAuthor2018--

د. عادل المكينزي

Saudi media and its legislation----

Second: Published Scholarly Articles


Article Title

Journal / Place of Publication

Issue, Volume and Date

د. هالة برناط

Applications of traditional media and communication theories in new media spaces

المجلة الدولية للاتصال الاجتماعي

Issue 4, Volume 5/2019

د. حسن منصور

Investigative reports in the Arab world: interests and methods of preparation, writing, and presentation: An analytical study on a sample of investigations during the period January 2015 - December 2017

  المجلة العربية لبحوث الإعلام والاتصال  

جامعة الأهرام الكندية، القاهرة

Issue 24, January March 2019, pp. 4-27

د. عادل المكينزي

Saudi youth and media pages on social networks

مجلة كلية الاداب - جامعة سوهاج


د. عادل المكينزي

The role of the media in combating corruption and promoting the values of integrity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

مدينة الملك عبدالعزيز للعولم والتقنية


Third: Awards won by a faculty member or by the department

Winner's Name

Name of the Award




Fourth: International participations

Participant's name




د. علي دبكل العنزيMember of the advisory committeeInternational Conference on International Public Relations ResearchMiami-

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