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Master's Program

About the Program

The program is designed to contribute to the production of a media generation that understands technologies and the media message on scientific foundations to raise the level of professional performance. It seeks to prepare competencies in the audio, visual and print media fields, so that they are scientifically qualified and practically trained. In light of the rapid changes and challenges that the media is experiencing today in producing and managing content and the technologies that accompany it; the need has become urgent to prepare male and female specialists in specific specializations in the media field to raise the level of competitiveness in the labor market for both men and women. Therefore, the department has created a master’s program in Mass Communication, which focuses on qualifying specialized researchers in the field of public media.

Objectives of the Program

  •     Qualifying students with advanced scientific qualifications by combining theoretical studies and practical applications in the fields of media.
  •     Linking academic qualification to the various needs of society and its media institutions, in accordance with the teachings of the Islamic religion, social values, and the goals of sustainable development plans.
  •     Activating scientific research in the field of media through student research while studying courses and writing their dissertations.
  •     Providing the opportunity for scientific cooperation and exchange of experiences in the field of media between the Department of Media and other departments in academic institutions inside and outside the Kingdom.

Admission Requirements

In addition to the admission conditions contained in the unified regulations for postgraduate studies in Saudi universities and the organizational and executive rules and procedures for postgraduate studies at King Saud University, the department requires the following:

  1.      The applicant must have a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication (Regularity) with a grade of at least very good.
  2.      The applicant must obtain a minimum score of 70% on the general aptitude test for university graduates.

Degree Requirements

Taking into account what is stated in the graduate studies regulations, the department requires that the master’s student study (33) credit hours for holders of a bachelor’s degree in media (full time, in addition to writing a scholarly thesis approved by specialists in accordance with the university’s regulations.


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